National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) are work based qualifications that sets the standard for the skills you need to carry out your job effectively.

With an NVQ there is no set amount of units that are required. You will however have a number of compulsory units as well as some optional units.

There is no set time limit for completing your NVQ course. Depending on how the course ties in with your work schedule, you can take as long as you need to complete the course. The fantastic part about taking an NVQ is that you can study it in a manner that suits you and your employer.

NVQs are available for anyone to take. There are no age limits and no restrictions on time. An NVQ can suit a first time employee or a seasoned manager or director.

A variety of subject matters are covered in NVQ courses from Business Administration to Engineering to Management. When you have completed your chosen NVQ, you have proven your effectiveness in undertaking the task you are required to do at work. Your chances for promotion will have been improved as well as other enhanced job prospects.

Why choose Sandwell Training Association?

  • Preparation of candidate learning plan
  • Experienced trainers and assessors
  • Professional Induction and Skill scan
  • Direct access to assessor
  • Assessor visits to workplace
  • Delivery of underpinning knowledge where agreed
  • Awarding body certification

By 2012 85% of jobs will require skills and competencies at or around A Level standard.

NVQ’s are available in a range of occupational areas.


Apprenticeships offer vocational qualifications to any employee over the age of 16. 16 – 18 year old apprentices are fully funded and 19+ mature apprentices are part funded through the Skills Funding Agency.

Please contact one of our NVQ advisors on 01384 566981 or by email for further details and current availability.